Modular Lockers provide convenient individual storage for many different environments including:

  • Mobile Workforce Storage
  • Satellite Office Storage
  • Storage in Libraries or Museums
  • Retail Order Retrieval
  • Apartment Building Delivery Drop Boxes
  • Police Evidence Pass Through Systems

Modular Lockers can be ordered as single units or ganged together in Starter and Add-on configurations to make banks of lockers.

Our Modular Locker come in five starts heights for individual desk use, counter height and cafe heights for task or collaboration areas, or as a bank of stand-alone taller lockers.

Modular Locker

Shelving Sizes
Depths 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″
Widths 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″
Heights 26-3/4″, 34-1/4″, 40-1/4″, 64-1/4″, 76-1/4″

Lock Options

There is multiple security choice for Modular Lockers.   Standard locks with round or liver handles can be keyed differently or keyed alike.

The Electronic Keypad Lock comes with various options including keypad and key-fob access with an overriding administration code and lockout after 4 attempts.

The new Bluetooth/Proximity model provides keypad, smart phone or proximity card access.   Control administration functions remotely or through Bluetooth, Cloud-based audit trails capture and store records for identifying user access history.   This function is especially useful for storing high value items and for police chain-of-custody for evidence lockers.

Modular Lockers Lock Types

Features & Benefits

  • Modular components for Design Versatility
  • Individual Locking Storage
  • Lock Options
  • Door options: Left Hand or Right Hand Swing, Perforated Front Doors
  • Optional Laminated Conteropots
  • 31 Standard Colors with no VOC’s
  • Lockers can combine with standard Shelving
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Preconfigured Lockers

To make ordering easy Modular lockers are offered in pre-configured combinations of various width, depth, and heights.   All units come with your choice of locks.

Modular Lockers Single Door Combination Units
Modular Lockers Two Tier Combination Locker Units
Modular Lockers Three Tier Combination Locker Units
Modular Lockers Four Tier Combination Locker Units


Add shelf and garment accessories to customize and divide Modular Lockers to suit your storage needs.   Shelving has 3/4″ profile and are adjustable every 1-1/2″.

Modular Lockers - laminate top pullout drawer
Modular Lockers - Police Evidence Storage Lockers