Allied Systems Products offers a variety of high density mobile storage systems for organization and space optimization. High density storage, alsocalled mobile storage or compact storage, maximizes square footage, develops visually appealing shelves, and eliminates overcrowding. There are a lot of different items when it comes to mobile systems, so call our
professional staff to help get the ball rolling on your next High Density Mobile System.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • LEED certifications
  • Durable, resist wear and decay
  • Versatile system grows with your business
  • An economical, dependable system for any type of storage
  • Captures space normally lost to permanent obstacles

These systems are limitless and can handle anything regardless of size, shape, or weight. Stow file folders, books, binders, electronics, archival boxes, patient records, x-rays, specimens, vegetation, artwork, tools, uniforms, pharmaceuticals, rare artifacts, museum cabinets, office supplies, janitorial supplies, craft supplies, evidence, weapons and ammunition, athletic equipment, lumber, or aircraft parts with ease.

High density mobile shelving systems are utilized anywhere a uniquely demanding storage environment exist such as workplaces, warehouses, factories, agricultural, education, healthcare, public safety, law enforcement and corrections, military, telecommunications, electronics, financial institutions, libraries, museums, research centers, laboratories, and the government.

Shelving dimensionsShelving dimensionsShelving dimensions

This type of mobile storage utilizes the vertical space wasted by conventional shelving and eliminates traditional fixed access aisles with one or two movable aisles. Shelving is fastened to rolling carriages that glide apart with little force on rails. The carriages are capable of holding new and pre-existing shelving, move left to right, and are either surface mounted or recessed into the floor. The deck and rail assembly provide a heavy-duty foundation that can be adjusted for carpeted, wood, concrete, or tiled floors.


An assortment of shelving styles is available varying in heights, depths, and widths.

  • 4 POST SHELVING – QUIK LOK or other Types

    No tools required to assemble; clean line design; 18 gauge; single or double entry; open or closed back; non-slotted or slotted shelves;
    available in 29 colors. Below are all the sizes that 4 post comes in.
    Custom sizes are available also.

    Shelving dimensions


    No tools required to assemble; Gusseted uprights prevent contents from sliding or lodging behind uprights; 18 or 22 gauge; open or closed back; slotted and non-slotted shelves; available in 29 colors. Library shelving comes in the same sizes as the 4 post shelving.

  • WIRE

    Open-wire construction promotes cleanliness, provides high visibility, and circulates air to reduce moisture and dirt buildup; assembles easily with a rubber mallet; 800 lbs. weight capacity; offered in chrome, stainless steel or antimicrobial finishes; welded construction; National Sanitation Foundation approved


    This type of shelving maximize the weight load that can be put on each shelving. It can come with metal or wood shelves. This type of shelving is highly customizable and can adapt to many environments.



    Carriage capacity loads of 1000 lbs. per linear ft.; electric mobile systems with programmable master control panel. Each aisle can have its own access code to secure lock certain sections down. This high density mobile shelving systems have premium aisle safety lock and mechanical safety sweep and backup systems to keep you safe and working in all environments.


    Carriage capacity loads of 1000 lbs. per linear ft.; manual or mechanical assist; premium aisle safety lock; ADA Compliant. This system allows the most diverse shelving types to be installed safely and securely to it.


    Carriage capacity loads of 750 lbs. (in some cases 1000 lbs) per linear ft.; 4” carriage to meet ceiling height restrictions for sprinkler codes; premium aisle safety lock and mechanical safety sweep; ADA Compliant


    This non-mechanical system is used with smaller over units.


The carriages and shelving comes in 29 Standard Color Choices.


End Panel Options or Chain Box Covers

To be used on the front of each row of shelving. This would be where you would see the handle to move the unit side to side. The chainbox cover is the cheapest option. End panels can be added to add a unique look to any mobile storage unit.

high density mobile shelving end panels


Interchangeable components for high density mobile shelving to offer design freedom that adapts as your storage needs change. These accessories include:

    • Divider
      Used in conjunction with slotted shelves and back to center stops to divide shelves into sections.

    • BIN

      A great addition to schools, clinics, and offices for conference and training rooms, or mail sorting areas. Use bin dividers for industrial and warehousing applications for parts storage or store office supplies, binders, paper, coffee service goods, training materials, children’s backpacks, etc.


      Snaps in quickly and holds books firmly in place


      Securely store small or quick access items such as fabric samples, CD and videos, and pharmacy prescriptions


      Angled brackets hold up to five slotted wooden sticks for newspaper storage

    • WEAPON

      Safely store and secure almost any size rifle, shotgun, machine gun, or handgun in addition to clips, bulk ammunition, scopes, optics, binoculars, night vision goggles, helmets, and ancillary gear

    • ART STOR

      Single or double sided perforated panels provides a stable mounting surface for art


      The pre-configured unit combines storage and filing and includes 3 locking
      drawers for hanging files and 3 open tiers for general storage


      Contains a wardrobe opening for garments and five general storage shelves

    • MUSEUM

      Customizable storage with compression seal to prevent dirt and insert
      infiltration. There are a lot of different options here. Too many to be
      listed. If you are thing Museum shelving is needed please give a call.

    • END STOR

      Quick access end cap 4 post shelving.


      Hinged doors pivot nearly flush with sides of the 4 post metal shelving to
      make storage easy


      Locking doors lift up and slide completely back for a flush profile to the
      4 post metal shelving it is attached to.


      Locking security door rolls smoothly up and out of view into each tier of
      shelving. It acts something like a garage door but on a per shelf bases.


      Attaches to any open shelving to create secure and convenient lockable
      storage. This is like a sliding glass door.


      An attractive display area swings up easily for access to concealed storage
      space. So you would put the most recent copy on this magazine door and put
      all the past issues behind it.



      These are the most common 4 post shelves. Slotted allows dividers to be
      used with backstops or center stops.


      Retractable work surface allowing for immediate access to the information

    • SLOPED

      Shelf body is slightly inclined and has a lip to capture whatever is being
      stored for improved access and visibility

    • MEDIA

      Shelf body is slightly inclined to give greater visibility to media spine
      labels and organizes small items

    • Wood

      The shelving can be made out of wood. This can lower the cost of the
      project but can lower the shelving life span.


      These drawers fully extent from the shelving to File side-to-side or
      front-to-back (Hanging file bars optional)


      The drawers allow certain material to be securely and selectively from
      other materials to protect personal property or sensitive documentation.


      Store all types of items from office supplies to forms. Drawers can be
      configured into 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 compartments with side-to-side dividers
      and partitions. Unique double interlock safety allows only one drawer to
      open at a time (Available with and without locks)


      Rolled textile storage. Comes with 3 rods and brackets. (Extra rods can be
      purchased separately)


      Concave carriage wheel that matches the convex curve of the barrier-free
      rail to ensure smooth operation and allows unimpeded aisle access for carts
      or wheelchairs.


      For seismic mobile storage applications not allowing the carriage or
      shelving/other items above tip over.


      For seismic applications to conform to building codes. This can be used in
      conjunction with single or dual anti-tip rails


      Used where a deck is being installed. Levels deck to rail. This can be used
      in conjunction with single or dual anti-tip rails


      4, 12” Stainless or galvanized. Usually used where there is a deck built
      level with the rail and this ramp is used to transition in front of the
      mobile shelving system from the floor to the deck.

    • TWIN

      3, 4, 6” Stainless or galvanized; for mobile shelving installations without
      a deck. It still allows a transition from the top of the rail to the floor.
      This is not used that match because everywhere there is a rail you would
      need these ramps on both sides.

    Managing your storage footprint is essential and ensures that there is
    enough room to meet demand and enables facilities to reduce construction
    costs or delays the need for expansion. Whether your project involves
    the design of a new space, expansion, or consolidation, Allied Systems Products
    will provide you with creative practical solutions for efficient use of
    space. Our staff works with architects, designers, and clients to assess,
    recommend, and implement space-saving mobile storage.

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