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This customized alphabetic method of filing has made the straight alphabetic method obsolete. It dramatically cuts filing and retrieval time. It practically eliminates misfiles. The AAK filing system works extremely well in offices with 500+ files. You will experience 80% less misfiles. It is simple to learn and set up. And not only does it provide efficiency but adds lots of color to your office decore.
Requires 10 colors of folders or use of colored conversion labels on existing manila folders.
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Letter Size Color Coded Folder 2640 F2640
Letter Size Color Coded Folder 2643 F2643
Letter Size Color Coded Folder 2633
Letter Size Color Coded Folder 2653 F2653
This is the most common method of filing. It requires full knowledge of the alphabetic system. Color coding by the first, second or third letter of the last name can aid in filing and finding folders and guard against some misfiles.
Very slow method of filing. The larger the system, the slower the filing. Errors can easily occur even with color coding. Misfiles are difficult to find even with color coding.
Easy to set up. Easy to learn. Easy to color code.
Unless a number is known, an additional retrieval is required to obtain the number. Unless all numbers are retained in the file there will be large gaps in the numbers. In most situations most of the activity will take place at the end of the file where the most active files are located. Constant shifting of the folders on the shelf is a problem. Color coding has to be on all numbers for the coding to work properly.
Where numeric filing is required this method of filing by number is superior to the straight numeric approach. This approach eliminates back-shifting. Terminal digit filing is easy to color code and usually only three digits have to be color coded, except in very large files. This method speeds filing and retrieval. Misfiles are easily spotted.
Conversion cost can be high if not started initially. If colored folders are used, they can be more expensive than straight manila folders. However, colored labels can be used for filing purposes.