Keyless or Keypad Entry for Rotating Cabinet

Convenient keyless entry for rotating cabinets for multiple users at your company.

Simplify access and security to stored items with a pass code instead of a key. Available in Black or Chrome, the Electronic Keypad Lock replaces the key lock on any Times-2 Post.

  • Field installs and retrofits to units in the field
  • Mounts vertically on Times-2 posts
  • Infrared Operation
  • 5 Year Lithium Battery
  • Separate User Codes to key banks of units differently
  • Built in security with "Failed entry lockout" after 5 incorrect attempts
  • Master & Supervisory Codes for varying or universal levels of access.
  • Low-voltage keypad fits all Times-2 Cabinets as an alternate to the standard lock.
  • An illuminated keypad for low light settings.
  • Saves time for quick access where units must be locked after each entry.
  • Stores and secures pharmaceuticals, confidential files, small electronics, valuables, confiscated evidence and weapons.

When security and convenience are foremost in mind for storage, Times 2 rotating cabinet Keypad Security provide quick access with the touch of a finger.

  • One keypad per unit is required
  • One 3-prong 6 foot wall cord with 120 VAC transformer for 12 V operation
  • UL Listed transformer
  • 30 minute battery backup for power failures to lock cabinets

Keypad black and Keypad silver and Key Fob for Rotating Cabinet for keyless entry