Eliminate Staff Disruption! Proven $$$ Savings.

There are several ways to easily convert your existing files and enjoy the unique advantage of the quick and easy AAK Filing method.

Your folders can be converted in one of the following ways.
1)  Allied does it all
2)  Your Staff converts folders at recall and for new patients
3)  Operate two filing systems concurrently

1)  Allied does it all
1) 2) 3)
Our Staff Inputs
Your Patient List
We Print Your
Patient Name Labels
We Apply Labels
to Your New AAK Folders
2)  Your Staff converts charts at recall and for new patients.
As you pull charts for patients recall, remove the contents and insert them into the appropriate colored AAK Filing® folder and continue filing in your accustomed manner. As new patient folders are setup, use the appropriate AAK Filing® colored folder. After six months to a year, convert remaining charts. Now move all folders into the AAK Filing® sequence (yellow, orange, brown, etc.) behind each guide. Now you are ready to enjoy the AAK Filing® Method with less misfiles.
3)  Operate two filing systems concurrenlty.
Similar to option 1 except when AAK Filing® files arrive you place a box of each color in AAK Filing® sequence order(yellow, orange, brown, red, etc..) on a seperate section of shelving. When existing and new patient folder are needed, select the appropriate new colored folder, prepare the new folder and transfer the patient information. Re-file the folder in the new AAK Filing® method. As soon as possible move old files to the new AAK system.
Sample placement of labels